Website SEO Secrets? - YES WE CAN!

So, what does actually SEO mean. Just another bit of digital or virtual 'gobbledegook' or is it something you really need to know about?

Jamie Tulloch “The Business Engineer” MD – E3 Business Accountants

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In other words, when a clever search engine such as Google is working at a million miles an hour trying to find something related to a search request, it will only find your web site and push it to the top of the list if it’s “optimised” with all the right bait for it to be noticed.

That’s the simple front end.

The dark art is giving your website the best chance possible of getting noticed by Google. Google is a multi-billion dollar company because it’s smart, very, very smart. No one can outsmart Google. But what an SEO engineer can do, is to lay out the right bait for Google to bite and that’s what you want.

Last year when we formed The Brainstorm Room one of our key objectives was to get on board an experienced SEO engineer with a proven track record. 

We were delighted when Mark Rocket from Avatar joined us. Mark is one of those low profile, back room people who has been the silent power behind many successful SEO web sites.

Mark Rocket Website SEO
Mark Rocket - Avatar

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