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Our promise - we will build “tax resistant” tax returns for you and your business so you only pay the minimum amount of tax at the lowest legal rate.

Jamie Tulloch “The Business Engineer” MD – E3 Business Accountants

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Income Tax is the tax you need to pay on your “assessable” income. Assessable income is what’s left after every single tax deductible expense has been accounted for. Our team are very, very thorough as we want you to pay the lowest legal amount and not a dollar more than you have to.

We ask many questions about all your expenses so nothing deductible is missed.

To learn more about expenses you can claim, download our free Tax Deductible Expenses Cheat Sheet here.

Provisional Tax is the tax you or your business pays during the year. It’s quite a challenge to get this right as it’s based on what your assessable income was last year plus possible upswings or downswings that might be coming this year.

Our team will work step by step with you to make sure we get this as accurate as possible to avoid any penalties or interest from miscalculations.

GST is relatively straightforward when you use Xero or MYOB cloud based accounting systems. However, even with GST, there can be trips and traps when calculating GST on asset leases, Hire Purchase, property transactions, buying or selling businesses and so on.

Our advice is to never make an assumption on paying or claiming GST outside your normal business activities before talking to us.

To many business owners, Fringe Benefit Tax is a pain you know where! However, FBT is, oddly enough, a tax deductible expense so it’s never quite as painful as it first appears.

There are many ways to minimise FBT to get the best personal use out of business assets without being caught by the IRD.

Our team are great at figuring out how you can pay the lowest FBT possible yet still enjoy using say your company vehicle to go away on holiday, tow the boat or take the kids to school.

To learn more about the trips and traps of FBT, download our free Vehicle FBT Cheat Sheet here.

As you may already know, there are many other taxes business people and investors need help and advice on. They seem to go on forever!

We’re not going to list them all here but be assured that all our clients get the very best tax advice possible.

And what we don’t know in-house, we will reach out to a tax expert if you bring something particularly tricky for us to work on.

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