Succession and Exit Planning? - YES WE CAN!

New Zealand is one of the easiest countries in the world in which to start a business. As a sole trader, you don’t even need to tell the IRD until after the 31st March when you need to file a tax return. If you want to start a company, you can do this on-line in 10 minutes. Other than verifying your ID, no one asks a single question and away you go. Get an IRD number and register for GST if your revenue will exceed $60,000. That’s it. You’re in business!

Jamie Tulloch “The Business Engineer” MD – E3 Business Accountants

But wait, that’s the easy bit. Running your business, growing your business and exiting your business are the hard bits.

My experience with clients is that cutting lose, getting out and cashing up is perhaps more difficult and stressful than anything that’s gone before.

For many business owners, their whole life is wrapped up in their business and they don’t know how to get out.

In the back of your mind there is this nagging doubt – if I sell my business, will I get enough to see me through my retirement?

The worse thing that can happen is that your health takes a turn for the worse, getting out becomes urgent and you end up having a fire sale.

The very worst outcome for many hard years of devotion to your  business.

Don’t let this be your exit strategy.

Don't let this be your exit strategy

Preparing a business for sale to maximise its value can take months and preferably 18 – 24 months is ideal.

Invest time with me and I’ll show you how to significantly increase the value of your business.

Now here’s the ultimate win/win. Every dollar you invest with E3 to grow the value of your business is  tax deductible.

And the premium you receive back in the sale of the Goodwill, is tax free!

If you want to sell your business this year – or anytime within the next 1 -2 years, let’s start now.

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