Setting Up E-Commerce? - YES WE CAN!

So, what’s e-commerce all about and how do you set up a successful e-commerce site to sell your products or services?

Jamie Tulloch “The Business Engineer” MD – E3 Business Accountants

2020 saw an explosion in e-commerce. Many business owners see it as just adding a shopping cart to their website and away you go. Stand back and let the world arrive at your website to give you money while you sit down and watch your bank account grow.

Well, if you’ve tried that, chances are you will have been somewhat less than successful. The world did not arrive at your virtual front door wanting to spend money and your bank account probably shrunk rather than grew.

Frankly, getting e-commerce right is not easy. What is easy is spending money with a so called “expert” who is very keen to set up your site and when it doesn’t bring in the sales, the usual response is “well that’s because of your product, your service or your marketing is not wanted by the market. We did our bit and set up the site just as you asked”. 

Last year when we formed The Brainstorm Room one of our key objectives was to get on board a genuine e-commerce guru.

We were delighted when Andrew Geldard from Muse Digital Marketing joined us. Andrew is one of those low profile, back room people who has been the silent power behind many successful e-commerce sites.

Andrew Geldard Digital Marketing
Andrew Geldard - Muse Marketing Agency

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