About Jamie

Jamie Tulloch Managing Director

My business statement:

“It is a social responsibility that businesses make profits. Without profits, a business cannot survive. Cannot pay tax. Cannot support the community that it relies on for its own success.”

It may seem a little odd that I am not an accountant and have no formal accounting qualifications. What then you ask am I doing as the Managing Director of a dynamic accounting firm?

Well, I’ve generated income from my own personal endeavours since I was a teenager. Some say that is quite a long time!

This practical, real world experience enables me to talk Peer to Peer with our clients. I understand exactly where they are coming from, their day to day business issues, their dreams – and their fears.

Every self-employed person takes risks no matter how certain they are of their future success.

Running a business is a unique and challenging experience and calls upon every mental and physical asset one can muster.

Bluntly put, the majority of new businesses fail. And even if they don’t directly fail, they too often fall short of fully satisfying their owners’ ambition or simply close down and disappear.

It is my role to help maximise my client’s sustainable profits – and to relentlessly pursue growth in the value of a business. Without profit, businesses fail. When a business fails it takes others down with it leaving unpaid employees, unpaid debts and usually unpaid taxes.

When my clients are sustainably profitable and the value of their business grows year on year, I consider that a reflection of what my team bring to a business owner’s table.

About Ashley

Ashley Trewin Accounting Director

Ashley is a Chartered Accountant with 20 years practical experience. His passion is to take successful business’s and develop them into the “exceptional”. At E3 Business Accountants, Ashley wants you to feel important and wanted.

His motto is simple: “I want you to recognise your future and understand your past.”

About Dimple

Dimple Lal Accounting Services

Dimple is an accountant, originally from Fiji Dimple migrated to New Zealand in 1990 and lived in Lower Hutt.
Dimple worked for a CA firm in Lower Hutt for 13 years and in 2010 moved to Christchurch and joined E3 Business Accountants.

Outside of work Dimple enjoys travelling, keeping fit and healthy and watching Bollywood movies.

About Katherine

Katherine Zhao Chartered Accountant

After graduating from Canterbury University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree Katherine moved to Sydney where she completed her Masters of Commerce Degree from Macquarie University. Katherine returned to New Zealand and began her accounting career in 2008.

Katherine provides advice and accounting services to a wide range of clients and is always available and happy to assist our clients wherever it possible.

Outside of work Katherine enjoys dancing Salsa and wishes to perform on stage one day. Katherine also loves travelling to learn different cultures and tasting their delicious foods.

About Rabina

I am originally from Fiji.  Migrated to Dunedin New Zealand in 1982.  I am married and have a son who is a business analyst.  I have worked in a Law firm and Chartered accounting firms in Oamaru as an accountant from 2000 to 2010.  I shifted to Christchurch in May 2010 and have been working in Chartered Accounting Firms.  I joined E3 Accountants on 26th July 2021.

My interests are gardening and cooking.

About Melanie

Melanie Baker Chartered Accountant

Melanie has been a Chartered Accountant since 1998 and specialises in monthly management reporting along with financial financial forecasts and cash flow monitoring and management.

When preparing financial forecasts for client I prefer “a hands-on” approach so that I can get a good understanding of my client’s business. The actual dollars are a small part of forecasting because there are so many other elements which need to be considered and accounted. This hands-on approach gives clients a better understanding of the financial impact that their decisions will make on their business.

My clients find there is a lot of value in monthly variance reporting, comparing the budget figures to the actual result then discussing the reason why there are variances.

If you’d like to see what a financial forecast could do for your and your business, contact me today; I’d love to help.

About Karen

Karen Brian Administrative Assistant

I came on board in January 2014 to help out with some of the administration team’s workload, and since then have been taken on full time.

You will find me at reception and often I am your first point of call when you phone or come into the office.