Our Mission

We’re on a mission – to help make your business enjoyable, profitable and sustainable. If that’s achieved, then your business – and ours – is helping keep New Zealand just a little bit healthier and wealthier.

Creating Enjoyable, Profitable and Sustainable Business

E3 Business Accountants (by the way, E3 stands for Energy, Enthusiasm and Enterprise) was born 20 years ago in 1997. We were primarily a business advisory and consulting firm helping business owners get their structures right, their financing needs sorted and their tax minimised.

However, we were plagued with one nagging question that we heard over and over again “you guys have been excellent but do you know any great accountants because mine’s pretty average?”

We heard this so many times we thought we should move to become members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and provide full on accounting and tax services.

Sustainable Business
Chartered Accountants With A Difference

Chartered Accountants with a Difference

And so we did. We became Chartered Accountants but with a difference. The number one gripe business owners had with their accountant was over fees. The uncertainty of how much the invoice would be followed by not knowing when the accounts would be ready.

Business owners repeatedly said they found it hard to believe that accountants – of all professions – found it so hard to scope and price work up front and then offer the certainty of a completion date. For many years now we have been offering all our clients a Fixed Fee and a Guaranteed Delivery Date on all annual accounting and tax return work.

Cloud Accounting

And now, with the advent of cloud based accounting such as Xero and MYOB Live, we can open this offering up to all business owners who want a Fixed Annual or Monthly Subscription and a Guaranteed Delivery Date.

We’re not here to offer you the cheapest fees in New Zealand because as we all know, low price so often equals low quality and poor service. Going low on fees is far too risky for accounting and tax work.

Cloud Accounting
Fee Certainty

Fee Certainty

What we do undertake is to offer you the certainty that our fees are competitive and up front and that we will deliver your accounts on the agreed date. And if you want to choose a monthly plan, we offer you New Zealand’s most affordable monthly accounting payment plans.

On top of that we have a host of other business services we can offer to build an enjoyable, profitable and sustainable relationship. Just check out our Services Menu where you can pick and choose the services you most need and want at an affordable monthly subscription.