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Smart, street-wise legal advice that’s available on demand – and is affordable – needs to be on every business owner’s short list of professional advisors. There’s hundreds of good lawyers out there but not all have real commercial and business nous.

Jamie Tulloch “The Business Engineer” MD – E3 Business Accountants

Last year when we formed The Brainstorm Room one of our key objectives was to get on board a “user friendly street wise” commercial lawyer.

E3 and The Brainstorm Room can endorse and recommend an expert lawyer, Hamish Douch, partner at Mortlock McCormack.  Hamish is a highly valued member of our Brainstorm Room panel of experts and advisors.

Whatever you need in the way of expert legal advice, Hamish and his team are simply great.

Hamish Douch Lawyer
Hamish Douch - Mortlock McCormack Law

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