Need a New Accountant? - YES WE CAN!

Here’s what to ask before you make the decision to switch accountants

Jamie Tulloch “The Business Engineer” MD – E3 Business Accountants

Here’s what to ask before you make the decision to switch accountants:

  1. Interview the MD or No 1 person in the firm. Do this in person or via Skype/Zoom. Do they waffle and talk in professional jargon or do they have a key skill which is simple and easy communication? At the end of the interview, did you feel comfortable that they are the right people to be a key partner for the next few years?
  2. Ask what their real business experience is. Have they ever started a company from zero and scaled it up to something that went on to be successful? Are they street smart or just have lots of theories about how to grow a business?
  3. What level of service do they promise? Ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs are impatient and get frustrated if their questions and queries sit around unanswered for days. Accountants are notorious for slow responses despite their promises.
  4. Do they offer a full suite of business support and advisory services or are they limited to accounts and tax returns? Compliance accounting is an accountant’s “safe haven”. That’s where many of them have their comfort zone and are too timid to venture into advice even though they suggest they will.
  5. Are they prepared to offer an accurate quote up front – and a guaranteed delivery date – for the completion of your work? Because an accurate quote requires a comprehensive scope of your work, accountants don’t want to invest time up front and would far prefer to offer you an estimate which gives them easy reasons to backslide on their fees.

Or you could save your time and effort and come and interview us. Will we meet all your expectations and be the ideal fit for your business?

Book your interview and then you be the judge if The E3 Edge is right for your business.

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