The Perfect Team for Motor Vehicle Dealers

Motorcentral + Xero + E3 Business Accountants

Here’s four quick questions:

  • Does your accountant really enjoy the motor vehicle industry? They should.
  • Do you really enjoy working with your accountant? You should.
  • Are you getting the best out of two great systems – Motorcentral and Xero? You have to.
  • Do you think it’s time to talk to accountants who really understand how Motorcentral and Xero are meant to work together? Talk with us. We walk the talk.

Why do motor vehicle dealers often have a love/hate relationship with their accountants?

Fast industry

Motor vehicle dealers are fast on their feet, think quickly and make hundreds of rapid decisions every day. Most accountants don’t operate like that.

No time for accrual accounting

Motor vehicle dealers have little time for accrual accounting (what’s that mean mate?) and hence don’t know why Motorcentral and Xero accounts don’t ever show the same figures.

No integration with Motorcentral

Motor vehicle dealers have accountants who have not taken the time or the initiative to integrate Xero with Motorcentral. This is often because accountants can’t be bothered, don’t see the point when it’s nothing to do with compliance accounting or it’s just too hard.

And here’s what you get with e3 Business Accountants:

  1. We love the motor vehicle industry and particularly the dealers who move hundreds of cars and work really hard to make a decent living
  2. We know and understand Motorcentral. We are one of their preferred partners.
  3. We have accountants dedicated to Motorcentral and we have direct access via our desktop menus.
  4. We love Xero and are Gold Partners

Here’s our offer

All it takes is a phone call or an email to me or fill in the form on this page.

Jamie Tulloch
Phone me: 0800 11 33 99
Email me:
Or Skype me: e3jamie

If your accountant hasn’t taken the time to understand Motorcentral and is slow to respond to queries, let’s talk.

We’ve got monthly subscription plans from just $79.00 plus GST per month and a team that knows and understands the motor vehicle industry.