Can your business get up and foil like an America’s Cup boat can?

Can Your Business Get Up And Foil Like An America’s Cup Boat Can?

To me, these yachts remind me of business. Once you get up to speed, pointing in the right direction with the whole crew doing their stuff (both on the boat and on-shore) the boat literally flies on its foils.  

Amazing science, technology and engineering all honed to go fast in the most favourable direction

Make one sloppy gybe or tack and the boat stalls and sinks back into being a displacement yacht and your competitor flies right on past.

Isn’t a successful business just like foiling?

Science, technology, product or service, teamwork, brilliant presentation – and a common goal – will make your business foil.

Keep foiling. Keep flying. Don’t touch down.

Jamie Tulloch Managing Director

Jamie Tulloch “The Business Engineer” MD – E3 Business Accountants