HR and Employment? - YES WE CAN!

Complying with employment law, getting employment agreements 100% right, pro-actively preventing personal grievance claims landing on your desk all create headaches and stress for many employers. It is a fact. Good employers get stuff wrong. Almost all employers I’ve ever met, strive hard to do everything right for their employees but miss-steps happen and the fallout can be disastrous.

Jamie Tulloch “The Business Engineer” MD – E3 Business Accountants

E3 and The Brainstorm Room can endorse and recommend an expert HR legal specialist, Kirsten Maclean. Kirsten is a highly valued member of our Brainstorm Room panel of experts and advisors.

Whatever you need in the way of expert HR advice, be pro-active and get employment stuff sorted early and be pro-active

Kirsten Mclean HR and Employment Expert
Kirsten Maclean - Sidekick legal

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