Franchisors and Franchisees

Monthly service and support subscriptions from just $79.00 plus GST

The number one reason for franchise failure in New Zealand is financial mismanagement.

But, franchised businesses have a higher rate of financial success than stand-alone businesses.

E3 Business Accountants offer an integrated financial management reporting system that is transparent, easy to use, comes with a fast response help desk – and is cost effective.

For Franchisors

If you’re a franchisor, we offer a complete integrated financial reporting system that will lift the chance of your franchisees being successful.

We implement a franchise wide system that monitors the financial position of your franchisees daily, weekly or monthly. We can spot troubles early and give advice directly to the franchisee or involve you, the franchisor if the issue warrants your involvement.

The benefits are obvious:

  • You do not have to deal with endless day to day queries and issues of the franchisees
  • You know that your franchisees are getting responsive and consistent advice that helps keep them within the financial parameters of the franchise
  • The cost is carried by the franchisee. It is cost effective and paid by affordable monthly subscriptions
  • Monthly KPI reports that are in a standardised format presented in traditional accounting format or summarised into easy to read dashboard

For Franchisees

If you’re a franchisee you can join our integrated financial reporting programme as an individual franchisee even if the franchise system you belong to does not subscribe to our programme.

Here’s what we can offer you:

  • Responsive and consistent advice that is relevant to your franchise system
  • Affordable monthly subscriptions
  • On demand help desk that answers questions quickly and thoroughly
  • In depth knowledge about your business and practical, down to earth advice
  • Accounting and tax advice on demand

Here’s our offer

We’re offering you a complimentary overview of your accounting and reports system which includes a profitability analysis.

All it takes is a phone call or an email to me or fill in the form on this page.

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If your accountant hasn’t taken the time to understand your franchise or you are a franchisee that needs better support than you’re getting, let’s talk.

We’ve got monthly subscription plans from just $79.00 plus GST per month and a team that knows and understands the franchise world.