Frequently Asked Questions

We make it seamless and pain-free without resorting to difficult discussions – or paracetamol! We adhere to a professional protocol established between Chartered Accountants so that nothing is missed and nothing slips through the cracks. When you change, we also undertake a complete review of all your taxes to make sure that everything is current and up to date. If we do find something that is a bit odd, we will contact you to see what the background story is and how we can help fix it.

Yes, absolutely we do. We are the original home of “no surprise invoices”. Research we did way back in 2010 told us that clients do not like receiving invoices for accounting work and then having to ask for an explanation before paying. We changed all that and committed to pricing all our work up front so you know what work we are doing and how much it will cost – before we start!

Yes you will. Accounting firms are notorious for moving your work around inside their office and so you’re never quite sure who to call. We work hard to have a keen and happy team working with clients year after year so there is no re-learning each time annual accounts are due.

This is our way to describe the work we put into legally minimising the amount of tax you pay and any tax you do pay, is at the lowest legal rate. We explore all tax mitigation and deductible options so by the time you get your tax invoice, you know it’s the lowest it can be.

Business advice is accessible on demand and if you’re in a hurry and need to have immediate help or advice, we will respond the same day. We work at the speed of business.

No – absolutely not. In line with our no surprise invoices policy, email and phone queries that can be quickly answered by our team do not get billed. We want there to be no barriers to you calling or emailing us. If your query requires time and research, we will let you know first if there is any possibility of there being a cost to you.

The same day. You don’t want to be kept waiting and even if we can’t provide an answer to your question the very same day, your query will certainly be acknowledged and answered in full the next day.

Firstly we make a commitment to come and see you personally at least once a year. Secondly we are very comfortable with Zoom and Skype which brings us together almost on demand. And of course there is no travel time or cost involved and it’s also better for the planet. But we do like to see you once a year if you wish.

We have always been a little uncomfortable with off-shoring private and confidential work to citizens in other countries. We want to have your work done in-house by New Zealanders who know and personally understand your business. Why export employment when we should be looking after Kiwis first?

The standard Xero package costs $720 + GST per year or $60 + GST per month. For new clients as a thank you for joining us, we give you the option of paying your Xero fees in advance and we will match the months you pay with free months. So if you pay 12 months in advance, we will cover the second 12 months for free. If you pay for the first three months, we will cover the cost of the next three months. Please note that this is a one-off offer and is not cumulative.  

As quickly as you need it. We will commit to an exact day to have your draft accounts ready for review because we understand that sometimes urgent matters arise and your needs are come first. We will respond urgently too.

If you come from a small accounting firm with only average skills then our fees will probably be higher. We’d like think that you are looking at joining us because you have outgrown your accountant and need a more progressive firm that knows and understands your business better than you have experienced before. And because we quote all our work up-front, you know exactly the fees you will be paying before any work is started.