Family Trusts? - YES WE CAN!

The Kiwi love affair with Family Trusts has ended as at 30 January this year.

Jamie Tulloch “The Business Engineer” MD – E3 Business Accountants

There’s an estimated 400,000 family trusts in New Zealand and any accountant or lawyer will tell you that many are not in good order, up to date or have had accounts and tax returns done.

Last year The Brainstorm Room ran a webinar specifically about family trusts and the changes that we coming.

Our special guest for this webinar was Andrew Logan who is a trust expert and a partner at Mortlock McCormack lawyers.

Andrew helped crafts the new legislation so he knows what he’s talking about

The webinar was so popular we had to run a second live webinar to fit everyone in. A total of over 1300 registered for this webinar.

So if you have a family trust, you have two key liabilities – to make sure the legal side is all under control and to prepare annual accounts and tax returns.

Andrew Logan Family Trust Lawyer
Andrew Logan - Mortlock McCormack Law

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