3 simple ways to become a creative thinker

Many people think you’re either a creative person or you’re not. However, the reality is that creativity is like a muscle that can be exercised and improved upon. Here are three simple ways to stimulate creative thinking.



  1. Expose yourself to information that’s outside your comfort zone

We all love reading about stuff in our industry, but typically this doesn’t boost creativity. If you’re lucky, it might help with motivation or inspiration. If you want to get your creative juices flowing, start exposing yourself to information you wouldn’t normally consume. Read blogs outside of your industry. Read books outside of your normal reading.




  1. Go see a movie in a movie theatre

Movies on the big screen are one of the last few places you can enjoy a complete sensory-captive experience. The giant bright screen. The rumbling surround sound. The smell and taste of freshly made popcorn. The somewhat uncomfortable seat with plastic armrests that don’t move. Whenever you leave a movie theatre, you will often find that your mind is spinning with new thoughts and ideas.




  1. Eat differently

There are studies upon studies that discuss how our diet affects the way we think. Want to start thinking differently? Start giving your body different (and healthier) fuel. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much more creatively you can think and act when you eat a healthier diet. You don’t have to be a creative thinker to be able to think outside the box. You just need to do more stuff that stimulates creative thinking.



  1. Take Action:

Try one of these simple tips to stimulate your creativity.