Great minds don’t always think alike

Making room for fresh ideas

People don’t always agree. If you want your workers to feel valued, engaged and trusted, they need be able to voice their opinions – even if they’re different to your own.

Here’s a link to a government website which is worth 5 minutes of your time.


Shout-out to Air New Zealand

Our national carrier gets lots of criticism from angry people when flights get cancelled or changed because of the volatility created by Covid-19 and our on again/off again travel bubble with Australia.

This week my 15 year old son got turned away from flying home at Brisbane airport because he’d spent 24 hours in Melbourne on his way to the Gold Coast – and despite two negative tests.

Air New Zealand went out of their way to arrange another flight home on 30th July which covers the mandatory 14 days away from locked down Melbourne.

This shout-out is about Air New Zealand making the time and effort to ring me and explain what had happened. My son is capable and resilient (we live in Christchurch after all) and had calmly got a replacement ticket (more time on the Gold Coast – who wouldn’t during our winter and skipping school next week!) and did not need the airline holding his hand.

However, despite the pressure on Air New Zealand, they provided exceptional support and help when needed.