How a simple change of words can get instant results

Saying something powerful and compelling in just a few words is an art form perfected by great copywriters.

Investing time and maybe professional help is money well spent when you want to gain positive attention from your audience.

To prove my point, take two minutes and watch this video. It is absolutely inspiring – all because a few words were changed.

Then stop and think what you can say about your business, your products and your services that will have the same impact just by changing a few words.

Thanks to Graham McGregor sending me this video (

Christmas Gifts - and Tax

Is your Christmas thank you to employees and clients tax deductible?

  • You can give any single employee a gift worth up to $300 (excluding GST) and claim 100% tax deductibility.
  • Anything over $300 will mean Fringe Benefit Tax will kick in. Try to avoid this for obvious reasons.
  • Can you claim the GST on a non-food or drink Gift Voucher. No, sorry you can’t.
  • And you can only claim 50% deductibility on vouchers for food and drink
  • If you’re entertaining your employees and doing an office “shout” then again you can only claim 50% if food and drink are being supplied
  • For gifts to clients and customer or others associated with your business, the same rules apply but you are not limited to the $300 ceiling.

Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme – IRD

Get in now before it’s closed off

Applications close off on 31st December .

If you think you might qualify, check out your eligibility here.

Tax – Smack in the Middle of Your Holiday!

Sorry to remind you
  • GST is payable on 15th January
  • Provisional tax payable on 15th January

Resurgence Support Payment

Reminder – if you qualify, you have until 13th January to apply. This refers to the periods ending 1st December.

Our Holiday Closedown

We are closing to get our breath back and restore our Energy, Enthusiasm and Enterprise (the three E’s of E3) to make sure we come back ready to roll in January.

Last day this year will be Thursday 23rd December
First day next year will be Wednesday 12th January

Who Can You Call?

If anything happens during our closedown that needs some immediate help or advice text me on 0274 337 280 and I’ll reply the same day (unless it’s late of course!)