Client Testimonials

No matter what we say about ourselves, the real credibility can only come from our clients and business webinar audiences. Frankly, we have been a bit slack in collating all the testimonials our clients have sent to us over the years. We are now in the process of getting all these together so we can show them off on this page.

Jamie Tulloch “The Business Engineer” MD – E3 Business Accountants

This is a lesson in itself! Don’t do what I have done and tuck away the many, many thank you emails because we are generally shy Kiwis that don’t feel too comfortable banging our own drum even when the music comes from our clients.

My advice to clients has always been – treasure testimonials from clients and customers. Be proud of what others say about you.

Don’t bury them like I have done!

However, The Brainstorm Room , powered by E3 Business Accountants in just 6 months has recorded dozens of testimonials and thank yous. Here are some of them.

from the brainstorm room

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“This is brilliant, many thanks for your time and informative sessions.”

“Thank you so much for the plain English information.”

“Thank you so much. This has been invaluable. So much to think about!”

“Fantastic – concise and clear thank you.”

“Thank you for the brilliant session today and all of the wonderful ideas – much appreciated!!”

”I just wanted to say that webinar was fantastic!! I feel quite excited about what I’ve learned!”

”Thank you! I will definitely be talking to work about this webinar. Time to put it into practice.”

“A great session – thank you so much. I have taken lots of notes and found lots of correlations to my own business situation”

what e3 clients have to say

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