Business Valuations? - YES WE CAN!

There are three key reasons to have your business valued.

- Because you want to think about selling up and need to know if it will be enough to retire

-Because you have an investor interested in buying a shareholding

- Because you want to have a starting point valuation to build a strategic plan with a goal to double or triple the value

Jamie Tulloch “The Business Engineer” MD – E3 Business Accountants

If you’re going to exit, of course you need to know the likely value of your business. Many Kiwi business owners treat their business as their retirement fund so before you make the decision to exit, you need to know what the business is actually worth.

If you’ve got a potential shareholder or investor interested in joining your company, then you need to have absolute clarity as to what your shares are worth. This is only fair to both you and the buyer.

Valuations are also often used as the base line from which to build a strategic plan. Having a revenue or profit goal is great but unless reaching those goals actually makes your business more valuable, why bother?

I believe that understanding the methodology on how a business  valuation actually works, is knowledge that a company owner, director or shareholder should know.

When we value your business, it will be done to Accounting Engagement Standard No 2 (or AES-2) standards and in that process, we will spend time with you explaining how it all works.

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