Budgets and Cashflows? - YES WE CAN!

For many business owners, building a budget and anticipating your cashflow months in advance is like predicting an All Black rugby test score or choosing the right Lotto numbers. At first sight, it seems a waste of time as it’s equivalent to lying on your back, looking at the stars in the sky and starting out to count them all.

Jamie Tulloch “The Business Engineer” MD – E3 Business Accountants

I get that. I used to be like that. I winged it more often than I should have. In hindsight, I may have lost or wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars when I first started out in business because I wouldn’t take advice that required me sit down and think – and plan alongside a professional advisor.

And then the bank comes along and won’t lend you a single dollar until you get your act together. They demand budgets. They demand forecasts. They demand cashflows. They do this because they eventually want their money back and in the meantime, they want you to pay interest. And even at today’s low rates, it still mounts up over the years.

We have the tools. We have the experience. We know what business owners need for basic budgets and cashflows. And we know exactly what the banks need to get your request for funding over the line.

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